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What We Do

Temporary & Permanent Residency

Providing experienced assistance to obtain your Permanent or Temporary Mexican Residency Card

Mexican Drivers LIcense

Assisting you to obtain a Mexican drivers license by having the required paperwork & communication in Spanish

Work Visa or Permit to Work

Assisting you with the necessary steps to be registered to work in Mexico for a company or to work independently

Change of address or Marriage Status

Handling status updates related to your residency status with the INM offiice

Healthcare Registration

Helping residents to successfully register in the Mexican Health care system to get the medical insurance they are entitled to


Assistance to register for your CURP card which is required for driver’s licenses or buying a vehicle in Jalisco

SEniors Discount card (INAPAM)

Apply for your INAPAM card to receive special discounts for registered resident retirees

Mexican Citizenship

Assisting you with Mexican citizenship applications by handling the communication and paperwork

Other services

Help with all types of processes and tasks that are can be confusing and frustrating to handle in a foreign country in a foreign language. If you need help with something that isn’t listed on this webiste, don’t hesistate to contact us to discuss your situation to see if we can assist!

About Us

My experience started by working in our family business where my father was a Port Agent Consignee for all the cruise ships that arrive to Puerto Vallarta.

He handled the migration procedures for both the cruise ships arriving to the port and also for the passengers disembarking as tourists wanting to visit this beautiful destination.

My mother worked with immigration procedures for many years helping those that decided they wanted to stay longer to trade their tourist visa for a FM3 card to become a resident in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Now, I am following in their footsteps to assist foreigners to navigate the complex Mexican processes with the things I’ve learned from the family business.

We can assist you with

  • Permanent Residency (Residente Permanente)
  • Temporary residency (Residente Temporal)
  • Temporary Residency Renewals (1 to 3 year extensions)
  • Apply for work permits (work visa)
  • Notifications for change of address, change of work or change of civil status
  • Driver’s license
  • Medical insurance applications
  • Discount cards for senior citizens
  • Mexican Nationality (Mexican Citizenship)

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