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Our goal is to assist you to easily get you up-to-date information about the immigration options available or to help you get started with your application for permanent or temporary residency, work visas, or citizenship. The experience and extensive knowledge of the current requirements will surely make your immigration application easier, less stressful and save you a lot of time.

While many of the immigration processes might seem ‘simple’ while you are reading the steps online, it can be quite a headache when you start navigating through the process. Between trying to deal with unclear information, important forms that are in another language, and generally unfamiliarity with how government processes are done…

Having access to the assistance, knowledge and experience of a professional that can easily and confidently guide you through the process is invaluable. Especially during these important steps you are taking to establishing your life here in Mexico.

To get access to important services that you need to live your life abroad such as opening a bank account, purchasing a vehicle and getting a mexican driver’s licence, working in Mexico, etc; establishing yourself as a resident is the first step.

Below is a menu of quick links of services we provide our clients:

Our services are available in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico where there is also an INM office is conveniently located.

Temporary Resident Card

(Residente Temporal)

If you plan on spending more than 6 months at a time in Mexico, getting your Mexican Temporary Resident card might be a good option. The visa is issued for one year initially, then it can easily be renewed for another 1, 2, or 3 years. This visa can optionally give you authorization to earn money within Mexico (lucrative or non-lucrative visa), and it allows unlimited entries and exits into Mexico.

With several types of Temporary Residency Visas available, finding the best one for your particular circumstance will depend on what you will be doing while you are living in Mexico.

Request a free consultation appointment, so that we can help you determine which options are availble for you based on your specific situation (English is spoken). Appointment are available by phone if you are outside of Puerto Vallarta or if you are in the area, an appointment in our office can be arranged.

Permanent Resident Card

(Residente Permanente)

Permanent Resident Visas/Cards are ideal for people that already know that they want to live in Mexico for a long period of time or are eventually planning to apply for Mexican Citizenship. The qualification requirements and the benefits are different between permanent residency and temporary residency.

The Permanent Residency Cards do not have an expiration date and it gives many of the rights and responsibilities of a Mexican citizen such as being able to work, but it does not include the right to vote.

To get more information about the requirements, to learn if you qualify for this type of residency status and the steps to apply, please contact us to schedule a phone call or an appointment at our office in Puerto Vallarta.

Temporary Residency Card Renewals

Your Temporary Residency Card will need to be renewed after one year if you want to continue living in Mexico beyond the expiration date. Renewals can be extended for an additional 1 year, 2 years or 3 years.

After having Temporary Residency Status for a total of 4 years, you will need to apply for Permanent Residency if you want to continue living in Mexico without leaving the country.

Resident card renewals are easier than the initial application process because the entire process can be done without having to leave Mexico.

Contact Monica at Expat Services Vallarta to find out what you need to bring to your appointment to get the residency renewal process started. All the necessary information will be collected, required forms and letters will be filled out and signed during your appointment. This will allow Monica to go to the INM office within 1-2 business days and submit the application on your behalf.

Work Permits or Work Visas

If you have already received a job offer or you are wanting to find a way to work while living in Mexico, there are many factors that need to be considered to find the best option for you.

Temporary Residents can apply for permission to work if you receive a job offer from a Mexican company or in other specific situations working independently. Book an appointment to discuss your particular circumstance to find which options you qualify for.

Get the specific information you need by requesting an appointment (or a phone call) to discuss your current situation with us. 

Mexican Citizenship (Naturalization)

Getting Mexican Citizenship (also known as ‘naturalization’) can give you voting rights, a Mexican passport and other benefits that are not available to Permanent Residents. There are several requirements that need to be met in order to qualify such minimum time spent as a resident, marraige, having Mexican decent, amoung other factors.

If you have decided that becoming a Mexican Citizen seems is like the right choice for you, contact us to discuss more about your current situation.

Updating Residential Address or Marriage Status

Permanent and temporary residents are required to update their address and marriage status with the INM office if it changes by law. 

If you’d like some assistance handling updates related to your immigration status or anything similar, we can assist you with these updates. Contact us here!

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