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Driver’s Licenses, IMSS (Health Care), INAPAM (Senior’s Discount) & CURP Cards


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Living abroad and getting access to the local services such as health care (IMSS), a local driver’s license, opening a bank account or even registering a purchased vehicle can be a complicated process for foreigners to navigate.

We can assist and inform you about the required steps to get access to the services you need with less stress, confusion and frustration. Monica Arias is a local Puerto Vallarta resident that has experience assisting foreigners with various tasks ranging from applying for residency to getting your Jalisco driver’s license and beyond.

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Immigration Services

Our services are available in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and area. Contact us to set up a phone call or an appointment.

Getting a Mexican Driver’s License

In Puerto Vallarta area, Jalisco Driver’s Licenses are distributed in the UNIRSE office. Similiar to other government related processes, you are required to have specific documentation with you and follow a multi-step process to get your driver’s license.

An Important Note: The employees in the UNIRSE office are very unlikely to speak English, the office is a busy and things move at a fast pace. Even a ‘simple’ process in this office can seem overwhelming without knowing the Spanish language, how things work or even where to start.

This is the exact reason why Expat Services Vallarta is here to make this process as smooth as possible for our clients and assist you to obtain a Mexican Driver’s License, renew your driver’s license or even your vehicle’s circulation card.

Some of the reasons why you may want to get a Mexican driver’s license are:

  • Your foreign license is expiring
  • You want a second piece of ID
  • It’s easier to replace a local driver’s license if it is lost
  • Among other reasons

Contact us to explain what you need and how we can assist you!


Register for Mexican Healthcare

Mexico has a public healthcare system know as Seguro Popular (Popular Insurance in English) or IMSS (Instituto Mexicano de Seguro Social) which can provide universal healthcare for enrolled residents and Mexican families.

Both permanent residents and temporary residents can apply for Seguro Popular if you have not previously registered for IMSS. If you are unsure which system is best to apply for, contact Monica to discuss your situation and find out the available options. 

As both Seguro Popular and IMSS are Mexican government services, all services and the application processes are in Spanish. If you do not speak Spanish and you plan to be attended to by the medical professionals, you will need to hire an interpreter or have someone with you that can translate.

Applying to enroll in Seguro Popular or IMSS you will need to be prepared to present long list of requirements including an application form, a medical questionnaire, apostilled and translated documents (in some cases), etc.

Get the experienced help of Monica from Expat Services Vallarta to assist you with the necessary paperwork and properly prepare the documentation to facilitate this process of enrolling in the Mexican healthcare system.

Contact us to schedule a phone call or an appointment at our office in Puerto Vallarta.

CURP Card Registration

The CURP card (Clave Única de Registro de Población) is Mexico’s version of Social Security or Social Insurance number. Each person living in Mexico is assigned a unique identification number. 

You will need a CURP card to do any of tthe following: 

  • Apply for a Mexican driver’s license
  • IMSS Registration
  • Apply for employment
  • INAPAM Senior Discount Program
  • File taxes
  • Apply for an RFC (Registro Federal de Contribuyentes) a tax identification number 
  • Register a vehicle in Mexico 
  • Start a business
  • Open a bank account
  • Civil Registry
  • To get assistance to register you CURP Card, contact us here. 

Contact Monica at Expat Services Vallarta to get assistance to register your CURP card and to find out what you need to bring to your appointment.

INAPAM – Senior’s Discount Program

In Mexico, residents over the age of 60 are eligible to register for a seniors discount card called INAPAM (Instituto Nacional para las Personas Adultas Mayores). Once you are enrolled and have your card, you’ll be able to receive discounts between 10%-50% at various stores, businesses, and even for government services across the country. 

The INAPAM card allows you to get access to discounts on a wide range of products and services including: 

  • Healthcare Expenses – Discounts from certain pharmacies, doctors and dentists
  • Transportation – Discounts for public buses, certain airlines and some taxi companies
  • Utility Bills and Property Tax – Depending on your municipality, you may be eligible for discounts
  • Many other products and services from certain restaurants and stores

To apply for this card, you will need to fill out an application, submit photocopies of specific documentation at the local office in Puerto Vallarta. 

We would be pleased to assist you with your INAPAM application to make the process fast, easy and stress-free. Contact us here to arrange a phone call or set up an appointment to get started. 

Other Services 

As a foreigner, many ‘simple’ tasks can be complicated especially when you don’t speak the Spanish language fluently.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for anything that you need assistance with (big or small). 


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